Purple Punch for your next Purple Themed Party

Back before I disappeared again, I told you I’d give some more specifics about this “purple punch” I made for the purple themed baby shower! So… amazing enough, here I am delivering on a blog promise!

I decided early on that there were certain details that just had to come together… one of them was having purple punch. I just kept running into problems with it though. For starters, of the two main “purple punch” recipes I found online, I wasn’t completely happy with either of them. In fact, I was afraid of both of them! One called for grape soda and pineapple sherbet, while another called for grape juice concentrate and sprite. Problem number 1: I really wanted to use raspberry sherbet since it’s more of a purple, but didn’t know how the two flavors would blend. Problem number 2: I usually find grape juice to be too strong and was afraid it would be for the guests. Problem number 3: My Beloved don’t really drink this sort of thing, so a test run was going to be a huge waste, whether it tasted good or not.

When it was finally time do to the food shopping for the shower, I took one more look at the recipes I did find online and headed off to the store. Once we were there, I improvised. I started with Walmart’s brand of Sprite-like soda the week before while we were there, but now it was time for the flavors. I put my foot down and decided to go with the raspberry sherbet… regardless of whether it would work. I made a decision that day that carried me through the rest of my party plans… form before function! I had to laugh, but I figured as long as it looked good, the rest could just be fudged over. It’s not my usual motto for life, but it worked for me this time! We then headed over to the frozen section for some juice concentrate. I figured white grape juice was a safe no-brainer and was then excited to find a “wild berry flavored punch” as well. Since the packaging included shades of purple, I came to the conclusion that it must be a purplish drink. We’ll truely never know… at least not until I open it someday.

Huh?? Well, if you read my first post on this shower, you learned that I left ALL the frozen ingredients at home and sent My Beloved out to the store to pick them up again. Going to a different store than we had originally been at, he did his best with what they had and returned with different, not so purple, ingredients. I now had to work with a white grape juice (this was the same as before), and two cans of fruit punch (really more of a red), and raspberry sherbet (pink, not purplish). None of this was blamed on My Beloved… he took both of our children to run this errand and pick up several things and really came back with the best he could find.

So what did we do? This was not going to be a purple punch in any stretch of the imagination. So far we were working with a great punch for Valentine’s Day, but not a purple themed party! I was so thankful when God provided our purple “splash” of color in no time at all. It just so happened that the new mommy (guest of honor who lives in an apartment below the home we were hosting the shower in) had a can of, none other than, grape juice concentrate in her pantry. The end result was very yum!! And you really couldn’t tell the sherbet was pink once it was in the punch!

Purple Punch Recipe
discovered by Babychaser with a lot of help from above

1 can white grape juice concentrate
1 can purple grape juice concentrate
1 can fruit punch concentrate
2 bottles (2 liters each) Sprite-like soda (store brand is fine)
Raspberry sherbet (we didn’t even use a whole quart)

Everyone said they really enjoyed it. My Beloved and I completely agreed! Enjoy at your next purple themed party or activity!

Note: Keep in mind that this punch will probably stain if spilled onto light (or any) colored carpet or clothing! Thankfully, I didn’t think of this before we got there and made it up, so it was too late for second thoughts. Also thankfully, the homeowner where the party took place went with it. And thankfully again, no one spilled and I am not feeling bad about her beige carpet in their new home being permanently destroyed! Praise the Lord!

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Purple Punch for your next Purple Themed Party — 15 Comments

  1. FYI…Braums has a beautiful purple grape sherbet…just add a clear soda! POOF! YUMMY PURPLE PUNCH!

  2. Do you just put the juices in frozen and then add the sprite and sherbert on top? or does the juices have to be thawed?

    • I believe I thawed them first, but if you forget you could probably mix the drinks to thaw them, then add sherbet when it’s thawed. Hope you enjoy!

    • Nothing more than what’s there. Sorry. It’s deeper purple with a pinker foam. Not lavender.

    • I suppose you could, but the sherbet probably adds some of the flavor and the foaming affect.

  3. Just happened upon your site after doing a yahoo search for “purple punch”. I am having a surprise baby shower for a dear friend on Saturday. So relieved to find your punch recipe, so refreshed after reading some of your blogs. I am also a believer. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  4. Hi Babychaser, I am taking your basic recipe to use at a bridal shower this weekend and just wanted to make sure that the concentrates don't need to be mixed prior with water as the directions on the can say to? Just put them in frozen into the mix? Thanks!

  5. “Anonymous”~

    Just the ingredients mentioned! :)

    And I don't remember how many we served. There must have been 15-20 or more people at our party. Just take in to consideration how many people you could serve with a couple 2 liter bottles of soda. A number of people drank water too. So that stretched it out a bit.


  6. About how many people does this serve and do I need to add water or only the ingredients listed?

  7. We just pored it all in the bowl together. I probably swished it around with the ladle. Then add the sorbet, or ice, or whatever, to the bowl last.

    I'm wondering now how we actually did it… I may have passed that job on to someone else. It definitely works the above way… but I'm wondering if it makes it more “frothy” if you put the sorbet in first.

    I hope everyone has fun!!! I'd love to hear how it goes with the punch!


  8. This sounds so yummy! Our DD's 2nd birthday party is this weekend. We're doing an Abby Cadabby theme and I've been searching long and hard for a purple punch! I've never made punch myself, so I was just wondering the best way to combine all the ingredients?? Thanks!