Burlap and Lace Wedding Shower… my take on “Shabby Chic”

Shabby Chic Couples Shower

Right in the middle of last weeks melodrama, was my need to be finishing preparations for the wedding shower I’ve been planning these last couple months.  This, I must say, is exactly the reason I farm out much of the food prep to every last person who offers to bring something.  With four small children, I really never know what any given week will hold.  And last week was the worst I could have imagined!

Still, the show must go on, as they say… the party at least.  With a fever close to 103 after the Tylenol kicked in, I began thinking through some back up plans.  Who could I call to decorate?  Who could run the show?  Late Wednesday night I summoned the energy to sit down and type out a couple emails “just in case”.

Thankfully, I was feeling a little better by Friday… better enough to push through and finish those details I was supposed to be working on all week.  Friday night we were at the church decorating what we could until Sweet Pea had a relapse… all over the floor.

Still, insanity aside (and it was a bit on the insane side) the party was great.  Everyone had fun, bride and groom got lots of presents, we spent some time praying for them, and the food was fabulous!

More importantly than the food, however, was the look…

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-9I’m collecting these letters, one shower at a time.  I love putting the bride and groom’s initials out on the food tables.  The boxes are wrapped in paper bags (cheaper and easier to find that craft paper) and trimmed with eyelet lace. (my pinspiration)

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-3The dessert table.   Above it on the wall are silhouettes of the bride and groom that I made using Photoshop.  My mom’s Cricut helped with the letters!  (Thanks Mom!)

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-15This pic doesn’t look quite the same as the others because I used my phone to take it.  I never did get one of this table with my nice camera because not all the food had arrived.  I’m so glad I snapped this one to send my mom after things started!  At least you can see how it came together.

The words above the table were supposed to say Eat – Enjoy – Repeat, but I couldn’t find “repeat”… until that evening at home that is.  Oops!  Oh well.  No one else knew.

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-4I found this little cameo clip on earring and have been keeping it for years.  No idea where it came from, but it finally found a use!

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-2 I call these “Compromise Cookies”.  I got the idea on Pinterest (where else?)  I asked the bride and groom what their favorite cookies were.  Then I made a half batch of each dough, mushed them together, and scooped out the dough for each cookie with a little of each included.  This is how they turned out.  Super fun!

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-10“Stuck together” Capri Salad. (pinspiration)


Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-1

A topiary of donuts.  Mother and sisters of the bride made these for me.  I LOVE the pink!  (pinspiration)

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-14Cupcakes with lace cups (pinned here) and way over in the corner are white chocolate dipped oreos with sprinkles (pinned here).

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-13Part of my back up plan was to ask the lady in charge of decorating at church (that’s where the shower was) if she could pinch hit to decorate the party for me.  She said she couldn’t be there Friday night, but could set up the tables and chairs Thursday and she’d do a few things if she had time.  When we arrived Friday night, it was beautiful.  Most everything was done and done just like this pic.  The only problem was that I had all the burlap at home with me and guys were coming.  So I made some changes and added in the burlap.  But this spot I left almost just the way it was.  She did great work!

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-11This is another spot I barely touched… just added some burlap in the back.  That little make up bag was for the cards.  (pinspiration)

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-12 I just love the way these pearls turned out.  Can you see it up there at the top of the pic?  My mom strung a LOT of pearls on thread so I could drape them around.  (pinspiration)I didn’t have enough for the whole room, but I did have enough to go above the food tables.  It really added a touch of something fun!

When I put them up Friday night, Tornado (age 6) decided they look like spiders in a web.  I decided that could be the guys part of the party… a bug theme. :)

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-8These are the favors.  Sugar scrubs. (pinspiration here)

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-7 Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-6But that wasn’t going to work for the guys.  And really… the guys.  They were troopers for being there.  Especially the young married ones.  There just had to be something for them!  I purchased some peanuts in bulk (the cheapest nut I could find) and put a label on the jar that said… “‘Nuts’ for being here?”

Shabby Chic Wedding Shower-5Did you get my double meaning?  Hmmm… I hope they did. :)


I think that about does it.   My Burlap and Lace… and pearls… and brown paper wedding shower.  I literally couldn’t have done it without the help of all the friends and family that pitched in food and time to make this a success!  You all made it beautiful!

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Burlap and Lace Wedding Shower… my take on “Shabby Chic” — 4 Comments

  1. The decorations are absolutely gorgeous!!

    We’re hosting a small party for Brian’s mom’s birthday in a few weeks. It’s just her children and their families (though that totals 20 people) and it is informal, but I want it to be pretty. So far all I have is a basic color scheme, but I’m uninspired so far. :-)

  2. I LOVE the ‘Nuts for Being Here’ guy-favors. That is one creative idea! I’ll have to keep this in mind because most of the time, whenever any women in the family have a wedding shower or baby shower, the guys are always there; they congregate in their ‘play room’ and shoot pool or hang out in the barn or something. That’s an awesome idea though – love it!

  3. Wow that looks great! I’d go nuts doing all that though, I’d need your “guys” party favour. LOL You did great work!

    I know someone else getting married March 9, although I can’t go (its too far).